Aimee S says: I love, love, love Cristina! I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She is caring, loving, intuitive and a true healer!

Highly Recommend
J. M says: Cristina C. is a very passionate, wonderful, caring, loving, well trained, knowledgeable massage therapist. She has very intuitive and strong hands. She definitely knows her stuff. She sends out magnificent, caring energy. My sore arms, back, and neck adore her. I have tried several message therapists, and now she is the only therapist I will see in Boulder.

Super thorough massage
Lou S says: I am an athlete and my body is always sore. I went in to see Cristina on short notice because of neck tightness and I came out feeling much better. Not only were my neck muscles loose but the rest of me felt great! Thanks again for fitting me in on short notice Cristina.

Best massage in Boulder
Margaret M says: Not kidding. I’ve been massaged in Boulder for almost 30 years. Cristina is professional, and well-practiced in her art and skill, the office is small and simple, but clean and organized… You don’t pay for the fancy space, you pay an affordable and fair rate for the excellent service and the full hour or hour and a half. I highly recommend it.



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